Q: What is SeaferMart?
A: SeaferMart is an online supermarket that offers you the best quality groceries at affordable prices delivered at your convenience. Our specialty is SEAFOOD but we also offer other fresh, frozen and dry groceries for your daily needs.
Q: How is Seafermart different from other online or offline supermarkets?
A: We ensure you that our local and imported seafood and non-seafood groceries are high in quality through our very own careful temperature controlled storage and sourcing. We also offer you the lowest prices for groceries compared to other supermarkets. For delivery, we guarantee that your items will arrive fresh within the shortest time from the time the order is being placed and paid. QUALITY, AFFORDABILITY and CONVENIENCE.
Q: How does SeaferMart cashback rewards program work?
A: You will accumulate a 0.5% cashback for every Rp. 100.000 order valuew as you shop with us and you can redeem your cashback accordingly upon your next orders.
Q: How do I make an order in Seafermart?
A: You can makean order from our website or mobile apps.
Q: How do I check my order status?
A: You can log in to your account and check it from your order history and details.
Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: Yes, you can. If you have not transferred your payment due within 24 hours, your orders will be automatically canceled. If you have transferred your payment, please contact our customer service through our website/apps or WhatsApp and we will try to help you with your request if your order has not been delivered by our courier.
Q: Can I return the received items? And how?
A: We accept returns if there is quality problem with your purchased products. However, we enforce a strict quality control check before each delivery and if the quality probelm is not caused by SeaferMart, we would not accept returns.
Q: What happens to my cart if I leave before checking out?
A: If you have already an account at SeaferMart, we will save the items that you added into your cart and sync them across your devices. 
Q: Can I order in bulk?
A: Yes, you can. However, our order fulfillment policy for wholesale order is different from the retail one. Please visit our wholesale page http://seafermart.co.id/wholesale
Q: Is there a minumum order?
A: No, there is not.
Q: Why do you decide to specialized in Seafood?
A: We feel that the seafood quality in Indonesia can be further improved and we want to ensure everyone has access to high quality affordable seafood so a nation surrounded by waters like Indonesia can increase the consumption of seafood.
Q: Where do you source your seafood from?
A: We source all kinds of seafood form the east/west Indonesian waters and from other countries such as Norway, Japan, China, Chile, USA, Australia, Russia and many more.
Q: What kind of seafood do you sell?
A: We try to provide you with the complete range: live, fresh, frozen, dried and value added processed seafood!
Q: How do you treat halal and non-halal products?
A: We separate the storage and packing for halal and non-halal products.
Q: Besides Seafood, what other products do you sell?
A: We sell local and imported meat and poultry, vegetables, fruits, diary, cooking ingredients, groceries (rice, pasta, etc), dry foods, frozen foods and beverages.
Q: What if the product that I want to buy is out of stock?
A: You can contact our customer service to notify them. We will do our best to restock the product as soon as possible.
Q: What if I would like to buy a product that is not in SeaferMart's catalog?
A: Please go to our suggestions page and fill in the products suggestion form. Our sourcing team will review your suggestions and try to meet your product request.
Q: How are your price compared to other supermarkets and stores?
A: We are cheaper! This is because we work directly with producers, hence less middle men handling and lower markup in prices.
Q: Which areas do you serve?
A: SeaferMart is currently serving Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi) area. We are especially popular in North Jakarta.
Q: How fast do you deliver after my orders is place and paid?
  • For Seafer Courier: 1-3 hours
  • Go-Jek: 3-4 hours
  • JNE YES: Next day
  • JNE Regular: 1-3 days
Q: How much is the delivery fee?
A: For SeaferMart Courier and Go-Jek, we charge a flat fee of Rp 15.000. For JNE Regular and YES, we charge Rp 9.000 and Rp 18.000 respectively However, keep a lookout for our FREE ONGKIR promos as we have of those!
Q: What if I Never received my orders?
A: Please contact our customer service via our website chat or WhatsApp and we will help you with your delivery issue. Common cases of failed delivery are wrong address entry and failure to locate address. For such cases, we will attempt to deliver your items twice.
Q: What if I'm not home for delivery?
A: Upon your request, we can leave yout order with a household assistant, security guard, friend or familiy. Please be mindful of fresh or frozen goods. If 20 minutes have passed after the arrival of our drivers and a customer cannot be reached, we have the right to reschedule (for first time delivery failure) or cancel the order (after 2 delivery failures).
Q: What the difference between Seafer Courier and other third party couriers?
A: Our Seafer Couriers are specially trained to handle and pack your fresh, frozen and dry products with the best practices and they can deliver your products within sorter period of time.
Q: What are the payment methods available at SeaferMart?
A: We currently offer Bank transfer and Cash On Delivery.
Q: How do I make my payment for my orders?
A: For bank transfer, you can use internet banking, mobile banking, ATM. For Cash On Delivery, please pay in cash to our couriers upon your items delivery.
Q: For bank transfer, why do you add a unique code to the total order amount?
A: We do this to uniquely identify and confirm your payment transfer securely.
Q: Is there a time limit on when I must transfer my payment?
A: For bank transfer payment, we give you a time limit of 24 hours before your orders get cancelled automatically. We will also not deliver the items until the order is paid. For COD, you must pay immediately upon goods delivery.
Q: What if I did not transfer the right amount when I make the transfer payment for my order?
A: If you transferred less than the required amount, your order will be cancelled but we will refund your transferred amount in the form of Seafermart credits for your next purchase. If you transfer more than the required amount, we will refund you the extra amount in the form of Seafermart credits for your next purchase. If your transferred the right amount but did not include the unique code in your transfer, we will still process your order but it might take longer time to confirm your payment (please remember to transfer the unique code next time).
Q: What if I didn’t receive the activation email?
A: Just wait for a few moments and check your Spam or Junk folder if you didn’t receive any email in your Inbox. If the activation email still has not come yet, you can contact our customer service through our website or Whatsapp and our team will help you.
Q: What if I forgot my password? (Updated apps & forgotten password)
A: To re-set your password, follow the 'FORGOTTEN PASSWORD' instructions on the SIGN IN page and we will send your reset password. Please note, for security reasons we are unable to send your old password via email.
Q: How do I report a technical problem that might face when I access Seafermart's website and apps?
A: Please contact our customer service via our website or WhatsApp and we will help you to solve your problem.
Q: What if I want to be a supplier?
A: Please send your business proposal to supply@seafermart.co.id and we will get back to you shortly!